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In addition to primary activities, S.A.S. provides services adapted to export and import operations. Much attention is paid to the quality and timeliness of services, exceptional solutions for our clients, social responsibility.

The central office and warehouses are located in Egypt, we also have the sales department in Europe. “SAS” company is one of the
largest international trade companies which specializes in whole sales and export of cosmetics by such producers as Atelier, Paese, Janssen, Mist Air. We are striving to become a leader of goods delivery with the global logistics net, to have a high level service and the best quality products.




Our core business: foreign economic activity, production, purchasing, processing and selling goods of a wide spectrum beginning with cosmetics and ending with metals.

We are a major supplier of various beauty products in Europe, a producer and an exporter of building equipment and construction materials. The company has an enormous experience of exporting and importing of metal constructions, nonferrous metals, as well as metal junk and alloy.


“SAS” is a professional company in the foreign trade. Mainly it does the import-export commerce and serves as an intermediary in foreign trade. The company has such departments as Export and Import, Sales, and Dispatcher departments. Our company has dealers in Europe and Africa.

The company has a substantial financial potential of its own and a steady investment base. “SAS” advantages are its employees’ high qualification and rich experience of cooperation in the market. The company keeps on realizing the policy aimed at attracting new partners of raw material supplies and broadening product sales outlets altogether with fulfilling the obligations, strengthening cooperation, and finding compromise solutions with constant customers.



Main principles of the company work: to ensure competitiveness and efficiency of the company work, to have responsible relationships with employees, partners, and the state, to develop innovation processes and technologies, to preserve and enlarge the accumulated experience.

“SAS” company is always happy to welcome new as well as constant clients and partners! We are a dynamically developing company that is ready to offer you our experience and knowledge.

The company managers are specialists with years of experience in export and import of beauty products and cosmetics, building equipment and construction materials as well as metals. We guarantee you prompt and expert consultation.

We are looking forward to collaborate with You!

The team of “SAS” company.

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